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The best tattoo ideas for men

the best tattoos of 2020
Today, in this one where technology leads us to be visible in a matter of minutes through social networks and so on. Getting a tattoo is very common for many men.
Today a tattoo is so popular that athletes, singers, actors, etc. They wear them with great pride.

And with this, a little ink can be a really beautiful way to show your personality.
Even if you decide to get your tattoo and go under the needle it can be fast, which is really complicated when deciding, what exactly to tattoo on your body and where, it is really a challenge.
You must be completely sure and in order not to regret your tattoo designs in some years, it is very important to carry out this process.
Do not hesitate to finish seeing this article where I created this guide full of tips and with some images, so you can make a good decision on how to choose the best tattoos for men.

The best tattoo ideas for men for this 2020

Small tattoo

small lion tattoo on the wrist

When it comes to tattoos, it doesn’t matter if it’s the biggest, since it doesn’t always mean it’s the best. After all, small tattoo designs can also be hidden when necessary and does not mean anything about your personality or style. It is simply a pleasure or maybe and the beginning of an art on your body with simple and small tattoos.

Tribal tattoo

tribal tattoo for men on the back

Thanks to our ancestors and their ancient roots, tribal tattoos remain, despite the years, a symbol of strength and power. With bold and well intertwined patterns, they are also amazing and spectacularly striking and timeless great and beautiful.

Simple tattoo

simple tattoo for men on the ankle

Simples tattoos don’t have to be too elaborate to be great. Today, simple tattoo and minimal designs are among the best and most elegant modern ink options for gentlemen.

Animal tattoo

tiger tattoo on the shoulder

Animal tattoos are great ideals to convey a variety of tattoo meanings, such as power, freedom, strength, loyalty, love, dominance and more. All you need to do is carefully select the species that suits you, you like it and you better fit. Some more popular options are: birds, tigers, wolves, elephants, lions and mythical creatures such as dragons and phoenix.

lion tattoo on chest

lion tattoo on chest

Portrait tattoo

Portrait tattoo of marilyn monroe

A portrait tattoo is perfect to celebrate or commemorate an important person, or animal in your life. Of course, this genre of portrait tattoos is extremely difficult to design, it is very important that you visit an experienced artist if you want an excellent realistic result.

Letter tattoo

The tattoo of letters on the forearm

The meaning of letter tattoos not only corresponds to the words but also to the style of the script and the letters. Therefore it is important to choose a design that emphasizes what your tattoo says.

Small skull tattoo

Skulls are definitely one of the most popular tattoo designs for men of our modern era. It also means the skull tattoo that can be incredibly versatile, so yours can be as simple or complex as you prefer.

Cross tattoo

cross tattoo on the back

The cross tattoo design are very striking and symbolic, these styles of cross tattoos are one of the most stylized for men. Remember that there are endless ways to interpret the cross, so it is a versatile option.

Star tattoo

star chest tattoo

With the passing of the years and the fashion of tattoos. This star tattoos have recently become more popular for men. Therefore there is a lot of fantastic inspiration for star tattoos that are elegant, masculine and timeless.

Money tattoo

money tattoo on the arm

This type of money tattoo marks man with power and desire for success. Either you want a daily reminder to continue striving for success and wealth or if you prefer to look like a football player, a money tattoo can be an elegant and creative option.

Music tattoo

Musical note tattoo on the back

For those men who have a true passion for music, have a love for art, a music tattoo makes perfect sense. Musical instruments, musical notes, and lyrics are just some tattoo design ideas to do it.

Arrow Tattoo

Arrow Tattoo for men

Arrow tattoos are simple, easy to do, but at the same time very elegant and look great on any part of the body. So, they are a wonderful and fantastic option for beginners and those who are already inked.

Feather Tattoo

Feather tattoo with eagle and tiger

These feather tattoo designs is one of the most sought after by men, it can be said that it is in the top 10. This type of tattoo looks attractive, simple and very prominent, feather tattoos are also versatile and rich in cultural symbolism.

Crown tattoo

Crown tattoo on the back

The crown tattoo can make a man feel like a true king. For this reason, it is not surprising that it is an incredibly popular ink option for a long time, for any type of man this tattoo idea is spectacular.

Family Tattoo

family lettering tattoo

For many men getting a tattoo of their family, or some
of your children is very important and special, family tattoos will always be a favorite option for them. It is an expression of love and belonging, these tattoos can be done in many ways, it can include names, family photos, portraits, family trees and more.

Scorpion Animal Tattoo

scorpion tattoo on the neck

The meaning of the scorpion tattoo is that it is an animal loved by many tattoo lovers. While each person has their own reason for choosing it, their premonitory nature, their fighting spirit and their link to it, or simply, is their zodiac sign.

Meaningful tattoo

Meaningful rose tattoo

This type of tattoo design has a lot to do with feelings towards a person or something else, be it a date, a name, a portrait, a symbol and so on, a tattoo with meaning is really emotional and you will always love and appreciate it.

Named tattoos can be a way to show everyone, love for their spouse, brother, son, friend, etc. This name tattoo idea can be simple or take a lot of work. Many name tattoos have excellent font and cursive decorations. This tattoo is preferred by athletes.

Sleeve tattoo

sleeve tattoo ideas

This sleeve tattoo on either arm is particularly for men and they are very expressive. Of course, many women who love manga tattoos, wear them with great pride. So if you like colored tattoos, tribal designs, Japanese styles or something else, be sure to select an option that represents it.

Knuckle tattoo

Knuckle Tattoo idea

Knuckle tattoos are very difficult to hide, and particularly knuckle tattoos can be a fantastic choice for daring men. They are great if you have an idea of ​​a knuckle tattoo, to show an ink that has two four-letter words, an eight-letter word or eight symbols.

Chest tattoo

Chest tattoo for men

The tattoos on the chest of men are really seductive and fantastic, which is the most important reason, to use this area, and it is also one of the most loved for tattooing. But that if you must be too careful because they can also seem really bad if you do not choose wisely in your choice. So be careful.

Forearm Tattoo

Tree Tattoo on Forearm

Forearm tattoos have a wide variety of tattoo designs, and your options are huge. With this type of tattoo you should keep in mind that they are exposed to the public, although you can cover them with a long-sleeved shirt.

Back tattoo

Back tattoo design

The back is considered a blank canvas and is waiting for some ink. For that reason, it is the perfect place to wear a new tattoo. Simply decide which tattoo idea motivates you to choose a great design that prides itself on displaying.

Leg tattoo

Leg tattoo for men

Leg tattoos are designs that can be worn in the summer, a leg tattoo design is an excellent option. Decide what you want to wear, besides that these leg tattoos are very daring and attract the eyes of the girls, All you need to do is wear shorts, and your impressive work of art will be on display.

The best tattoo ideas for men

Wrist tattoo for men

Anchor tattoo on the wrist

Wrist tattoos can be internal or external to the wrist and are usually subtly elegant. As this space is small you can perfectly make a great variety of great designs, such as eyes, initials, symbols, hearts and more.

This tattoo on the stomach provides a sexy appearance and also very easy to hide, and can be considered as a stomach tattoo. If you have a toned body and marked abs, then you will have a really beautiful and provocative tattoo design.

Ankle Tattoo

Ankle piercing tattoo
The ankle tattoo has been increasing for the taste of men, the use of shorts and the use of shoes without socks, have made this tattoo design one of the best places to tattoo at this time. Since you can use small and very unique designs, with unique symbolisms.

Rib Tattoo

Indian horse rib tattoo

This is a more painful areas of the body to design a tattoo, the ribcage is an excellent type of canvas to tattoo large, complex, colorful and perfectly detailed designs.

Neck tattoo

Wings neck tattoo

These tattoos are difficult to hide from one with the clothes on, for this reason they can be a risky option. But, you must select the design very well, advise you of a true expecto, so that you are not mistaken with this definitive choice and thus be able to wear a very remarkable design.

Face tattoo

Skull tattoo on the face

Skull tattoo on the face for men
While facial tattoos are gradually gaining more acceptance, although they remain a somewhat extreme style, good for me very extreme, but getting a tattoo on the face for men, it is a matter of taste definitely. As such, you should consider the pros and cons before deciding to get one.

How to get a tattoo

It doesn’t matter what type of tattoo you want to do, or the amount of tattoos, since it is essential to follow these steps to be sure not to screw it up and end up regretting your design.
Choose the perfect tattoo artist

A proper tattoo is essential to inking your skin with amazing and wonderful works of art, and for this the help of a professional is absolutely necessary. Tattoo experts know how to get the best results, so be sure to choose a competent tattoo that is especially focused on the style of tattoo you want to do.

Listen to the professionals
I recommend that you not only focus on your desire, let your tattoo artist give you the advice and you listen to his design ideas. They, as professionals, can provide expert information on what will work and will look better both now and as your skin ages.
How to choose a tattoo with meaning
tattoo on the arm of dad and son

Selecting a tattoo with meaning is the best motivation when choosing, To wear a tattoo that you will love in the coming years, it is better to select a design that is meaningful. So be sure to balance the meaning with the aesthetic to identify that your ink is as elegant as it is sentimental. It is also very common to tattoo the name of the bride, and to make this design with meaning it is better to be 100 percent sure, since then you can regret it.

small tattoo ideas for men

small tattoo ideas

Getting a small tattoo is always a good start, or just for being fashionable. This type of tattoo for men is sensational. The tumblr tattoo ideas are good and better if the tattoo is designed on the arm.

minimalist tattoo for men

minimalist dog tattoo

We cannot put aside minimalist tattoo ideas, we are definitely part of this world of artistic art in the body.

Tattoo on the biceps

tattoo on the biceps for men

Biceps tattoos for boys, they are great and best of all, you can use temporary tattoos, this is an excellent tattoo idea, in this great opportunity there are also temporary small tattoos great for boys.

Don’t worry about the pain since getting a tattoo is obviously going to bother you, but that is temporary so don’t regret it
And do not forget to take care of your tattoo, since it is an essential part to see your design as well as possible. Do not forget that poor care can cause discoloration and even infection.

There are no major differences between the best tattoos for women and tattoo designs for men.

The ideas of original tattoos, defined by each person, since it influences the feelings when deciding what great tattoos for women or tattoo ideas for men to design.

In the original tattoo ideas, remember that there are the ideas of small tattoos and you can design them in small tattoos and
arm tattoos
And finally make sure, investigate who is the best tattoo artist.

Good luck……….

The best tattoo ideas for men

The best tattoo ideas for men
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The best tattoo ideas for men
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