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Tattoo Accessories

Acquire the best tools for tattooing, every day that passes it is important to have the necessary elements to perform works of art. At present we find a wide range of products that you can buy, without fear of making mistakes I will guide you step by step in everything that is indispensable from towels, pigments, machines etc, and goes from the cheapest to finding better prices and good quality.

Tattoo Implements

In our online store you can buy all professional accessories.
It is necessary to have a supplier of excellent quality products, sometimes the cost can be cheap and does not mean that it is of poor quality, prices vary between manufacturers thus generating a number of opportunities in prices.

Professional Coil Machines

Do not miss the different purchase options in our store, so you can get everything you need to design your tattoos properly and correctly

Start Tattooing Step By Step

I will show you all the necessary materials to start designing tattoos in a professional way or simply by hobby.

tattoo hygiene kit:
liquid to clean tattoos, towels, vaccines, black ink and colored ink, bobbin machines, creams, transfer paper, designs, sterilized needles, color catalog, professional coils, organic or vegetable pigments, gloves, bandages, ointment.

That Is Needed To Legally Tattoo

The first and most necessary to apply to a legal tattoo studio, is to have studied for it, acquiring knowledge is important when applying for a license.
Why open a business to get a tattoo? If you don’t know, don’t even use needles? illogical truth.

For this reason the laws that have been designed for such places.

A tattoo artist needs knowledge of art and also of the body, so that he can safely apply the tattoo following the health regulations and thus meet the expectations of the client.

Tattoo artists do not need a college degree, but what is needed is a state license.

Tattoo designers are absolutely responsible for maintaining a safe and clean environment and taking all necessary precautions against the spread of infectious and contagious diseases.

Tattoo artists must enroll in a learning program, where they teach you everything related to the subject, according to the Alliance of Professional Tattooists or APT.

The APT states that an apprenticeship should last at least three years for the new tattoo artist to be an expert and learn his trade including tattoo design, how the tattoo machine works and proper sterilization techniques. All to avoid damage to the clients body.

The license:

Most states, in the United States, require that a tattoo artist have a license.

The requirements to obtain a license change
From state to state, but in general, they understand the need for a certain amount of training hours, as well as a number of number of tattoos performed.

In some states, tattooists are required to keep abreast of laws by continuing education courses.

It is also important that the tattoo artist is of age or at least 18 years of age.

Tattoo Museum

The owner of the world’s largest tattoo museum in Amsterdam, Henk ‘Hanky ​​Panky’ Schiffmacher, was pleasantly surprised when he discovered the large collection of art articles owned by Mexican Antonio Serrano, also known as Tony “the jackal” , which had many conversations where Henk was able to talk to the jackal to create a museum.

That was the case when in 2014 it became a reality and on the same site where he founded his tattoo studio 30 years ago, Tony created the only museum of its kind in Mexico.

Mexico tattoo museum
Mexico tattoo museum
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