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¿What are tattoos?

¿What are tattoos? Tattoos are marks that remain on the skin, usually made in the form of drawings, regardless of the meaning.

There are different styles of tattoos and types of tattoos. Depending on the design that the person wishes to make on his body, that means.

On this page you can find all kinds of tattoos and different prices, for women, men, youth, color sizes and you can buy any of the models, in our online store.

¿What do you need to get a tattoo?

The first and most important thing is to be suggestive of what you want since it is definitive, you should know the placement of the tattoo, the design, if it is a visible tattoo to people or you prefer a hidden tattoo.

You should investigate very well the place where you are going to get the tattoo, which meets all the hygienic requirements, since you could acquire a disease.

This is a small sample of traditional tattoo in the United States

traditional american tattoos

Different types of tattoos

Modern tattoo styles

There are so many types of tattoos, for men, women, young people etc, and there are many styles, we will start with this long sample of tattoos so you decide what to do.
keep in mind that today you will find vinyl tattoos, which are removed with soap and water.

tattoo for men

arm tattoo ideas

Over time the techniques for tattooing, and the materials have evolved and therefore to “advancing.”

Places, shapes, techniques, and pigments change. Therefore we will briefly review the different tattoo styles:

  • New School: its main feature is that it uses strong colors that hire and blurred outlines to imitate as a “graffiti”. What is desired with this tattoo is to attract attention.
  • Old School: They are the “oldest”, and usually only have more color than black, red, green, yellow and blue. The lines they use are simple and without relief.
  • Fine Line: they are the retailers with their lines and very careful. It is best suited for very small tattoos, it is a line that helps make the tattoo more realistic.
  • Gouache in black and gray: this method is used to tattoo portraits on the skin. Black ink is used in various shades. And they are the best preserved
  • Japanese or irezumi: They are tatuajess with black base, and at the same time with intense colors. They are usually fish, oriental dragons, buddhas, samurai etc.
  • Tribal: These are abstract drawings.
  • Celtic braids: they are made in black and white most of the time, These are very demanding as they must be precise.
  • Geometric Usually they are usually black, but you can also use color, and the most important thing is the shape. It is done with clean and simple geometric lines and shapes. The drawings are influenced by indigenous, spiritual and tribal cultures, nature and science.

Best tattoos for men

There are many types of tattoos for men, I will show you what they are and better part of the body to do it.

american tattoos for men

If the question is: Do tattoos make men more attractive and interesting? o What are the best tattoos for men? Or maybe you wonder what tattoos girls like? Everything is according to your personality and tastes, so do not kill your head thinking, decide and get to work.

Small tattoos for men

The question of small tattoos is that women really prefer them much more than men. But that does not mean that many men like and prefer them, and they look great. If you like to do any of these I recommend doing it on your neck or wrists.

small tattoo designs

small tattoo for men

The best preferred site for small tattoos is the forearm, mainly inside. And it is ideal for making lace tattoos, phrases or names of loved ones.

Roman numerals or coordinates of special places are also used.

Arm and shoulder tattoos for men

The arms are the favorite place for men to get a tattoo. Since it is the place where it hurts the least, in addition to its ample space and having the possibility to show it to everyone.

What can you tattoo

The first thing to keep in mind is that it has to do with you. Something that conveys your message. An idea can be related to family or good memories.

sleeve tattoo for men

lion and wolf sleeve tattoo

simple tribal sleeve tattoo

You can use a collage tattoo, such as children, wife,
It is an original idea and carry a memory of them in our body. It is a sign of our love for them.

Also color tattoos, animal tattoos for men, for their broad meaning. You choose an animal that has to do with you, it can be your zodiac sign.

Stylish tattoos are another trend, as are realistic or 3D tattoos, where they are tattoos with lots of color and you can achieve true works of art.

Traditional American style tattoos, is another way of thinking about something bigger. These are very masculine and original tattoos, your tattoo starts on the back and ends on the wrist.

Tattoos in men is a reason to show a message, a legacy of its time. Freedom is the most common theme, tattoos are very popular when combined.

For men, having a tattoo can be a sign of loyalty or fidelity towards something that inspires them in life.

tattoos for men full sleeve

The tattoo on the arm really is the best canvas. For many, getting a full sleeve or tattoo on the full arm is a challenge and a motivation although it takes time, money and pain.

tattoo sleeve for men

tattoo for men

And for those who are afraid of them, there are temporary tattoos and here you can buy them.

These types of designs of these complete sleeves must be made previously, in order to combine each element in a perfect way. This design takes a lot of time and several sessions.

The trend of Japanese tattoos in young people is growing. The use of drawings such as flowers or fish and bright colors is essential.

Tattoos for women

I recommend tattoos for women, which gives our beauty a touch of sensuality and at the same time modern elegance that many women like.
If you are one of those women who like tattoos, I will show you the ones that are most used, you can also put on a temporary tattoo, and buy it here.

flower tattoo design for women

simple tattoo for women

sleeve tattoo for women

And have examples and ideas of what you can do on your skin.

I think that the most beautiful tattoos for women are those that are reflected with the personality of each one.

Look at the location of the tattoo, the ankle tattoos are a very nice place to start and they are easy to cover if you don’t want to show it.

It is one of the main advantages of small tattoos, their size and how easy they are to hide them if necessary.

You can also think of tattoos to share with couples who are small and have a more meaning of love.

Tattoos for couples 2020

In the different styles of tattoo also be those of couples, where they demonstrate their commitment of love, fidelity and loyalty, to that oath of eternal love.
In the types of tattoo styles, there are: the figures of crowns, letters, hearts, etc.

simple tattoo for couples of animals on the wrist

finger tattoo design

simple geometric tattoos

Caring for a tattoo

The tattoo is a wound that is made in the body and you have to take care of it as such. With the care and rules you must follow after a tattoo you will not have problems during healing.

Once tattooed, you should remove the bandage at three or four hours.

Wash thoroughly with warm water and neutral or antiseptic soap, do not rub with sponges or something similar.

Dry with the towel in the form of a buffer.

Once dry you should apply a layer of the Cream Recommended by the tattoo artist.

The tattoo must be exposed (air), not covered unless it is essential.

Apply the CREAM for 20 days three or four times a day.

The tattoo should always be hydrated with the cream, never let it dry.

The first days, at night you should cover with paper towels, to spend the night.

In the event that the bandage is stuck to the tattoo, remove moistening it with water.

If the tattoo is in the intimate part you need to wear very tight clothes, you should cover the tattoo to avoid damaging it, until the skin has regenerated 5 or 6 days.

After a week the tattoo will begin to peel and be covered with very thin skin, it is normal, not to tear the cons, or drag the tattoo if it itches.


Do not apply hydrogen peroxide.
Do not apply perfume, makeup or wet wipes on the tattoo during healing.
Do not expose the tattoo to the sun during the next 2 months.
Do not bathe in swimming pools or sea during the first 2 months.
Do not wear clothes that leave hair or speck on the tattoo while it is healing.
You must take great care of your work of art, in case of any reaction or intense pain that may occur, you should consult your doctor.

Different types of tattoos

Here is a list of all kinds of tattoos:

tattoo ideas, illustrative tattoo, sacred geometry tattoo, indian larry tattoo, lark tattoo, poppy tattoo, janis joplin tattoos, pewdiepie tattoos, prison escape tattoo, tattoo of unknown pleasures, shaking hands tattoo , carved skin tattoos, hermit crab tattoo, spirit tattoo, wolf tattoo, praying hands tattoo, white tattoos
tree of life, watercolor tattoos, molon labe tattoo, mia wallace tattoo, pirate tattoos, black oak tattoo
kitune tattoo, peony tattoo, ufc fighter tattoos, stripe tattoo, namakubi nature tattoos, cool lakes tattoo, baphomet tattoo, white on black tattoo, killer creed tattoo, funny pussy tattoos, tongue tattoo tattoos
otter, japanese wave tattoo, janis joplin tattoo tattoo
broken mirror, white lotus tattoo, megan jean morris
archangel michael tattoo, adam tattoo creation, james franco tattoos, inner hand tattoo, musical tattoos tattoo
peace pipe, cross tattoo, gas mask tattoo, bdsm tattoo, eyelid piercing, monkfish tattoo
, three-point tattoo, heart tattoo on the sleeve, full metal alchemist tattoo, pusheen tattoo, saved tattoo, pipe tattoos, bdsm tattoos, anh wisle, heart knife tattoo, naruto tattoo, tattoos vagina, poison bottle tattoo, skeleton tattoo, japanese snake tattoo, axolotl tattoo, peter pan tattoo, hexagonal tattoo, chest tattoos, michael clifford tattoos, mother nature tattoos, lavender tattoo, tattoo of hunter hunter,
traditional panther tattoo, lion heart tattoos, panther head tattoos, rousey round tattoos, caduceus tattoo, laika tattoo, mischief tattoo, ducky rubber tattoos, straight edge tattoo, snake skull tattoo, scorpion tattoo
barong, fatality tattoo, rose tattoos, planchette tattoo, sacred New York tattoo, star tattoo under the eye, crotch tattoos, bryan cranston tattoo, jackalope tattoo, jackalope tattoo, red panda tattoo, tattoo 3-point tattoo, realism tattoo, Hartford County tattoo, jack sparrow tattoo, beauty and the beast tattoo, hand symbol tattoo, kings avenue tattoo, otter tattoo, jack johnson tattoo jellyfish tattoo from
cuckoo clock, atlas tattoo, traditional skull tattoo
Fox tattoo, rubber duck tattoos, matador tattoo, rabbit tattoo, vlad the impaler tattoo, epaulet tattoo, kane brown tattoos, all sacred tattoo, grumpy cat tattoo, hobbit tattoo.

tattoo hang there, dark skin tattoos, childhood tattoos, sri yantra tattoo, hand eye tattoo, seventh son tattoo, mobydick tattoo, pink floyd tattoos, miguel angel hands tattoo, tattoos skull snake, fractal tattoo, janis joplin doll tattoo, chlorine tattoos, mickey rourke tattoo, traditional panther tattoo, brando chiesa tattoo, sky night tattoo, pig and cock tattoo, snake tattoo that bites the tattoo, santanic tattoos, amsterdam tattoo, copenhagen tattoo, ninja turtle tattoos, coconut oil tattoo, rose quartz tattoo, hand of Fatima tattoo, dark skin color tattoos, weeping heart tattoo, watercolor tattoos phoenix, hot air balloon tattoo, prison escape tattoos, metatrone cube tattoo, tattoo
Panther head of unprocessed tattoo, space tattoo, bamboo tattoos, tattoo
chicken and pig, explosion on the tattoo, chameleon tattoo
musashi tattoo, howling castle tattoo, slavery tattoo, memes tattoo, dinosaur tattoo, butterfly tattoo, dark age tattoo, owl tattoos, cleopatra tattoos, poison tattoo, scythe tattoos, tattoo tattoo peach
nietzsche, scythe tattoo, simpson tattoo,
bear tattoo, pikachu tattoo, cutting tattoos, polar bear tattoo, metamorphic tattoo, scarecrow tattoos, homecoming tattoo. sinking ship tattoo, yokai tattoos
Chalice tattoo, cartilage tattoo, cured tattoo, death moth tattoo, Guy Fawkes mask tattoo, amethyst crystal tattoo, cross stitch tattoo, Assassin’s Creed tattoo, wonderland tattoo, tattoo from wonderland, Paul Booth tattoos, puppeteer tattoos, cherub tattoo, gentleman tattoo, pink floyd tattoo, pokemon tattoo, healing tattoo, healing tattoo, levitical tattoo,
volcano tattoo, blastover tattoo, poppy flower tattoo
cockroach, John deer tattoos, red thorn tattoo, Tibetan skull tattoo, Japanese style tattoos, sacred heart tattoo, John Deere tattoos, remote dragon tattoo Tattoo
Scott Pilgrim, Traditional Panther, Chicano Tattoos
First class tattoo, samurai tattoo, brave toaster tattoo, glory hand tattoo, final fantasy tattoo, sun tattoos.

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